Grass-fed beef

Note Park cattle spend their whole life grazing freely on improved pastures and are never feed grain, antibiotics or hormones. They are moved regularly to ensure that they always have access to fresh grass and to give all paddocks plenty of time for rest and regrowth.

Test are also conducted regularly to measure soil moisture, and if needed in the drier winter months, irrigation is used to ensure that the cattle always have lush green pasture to eat. This is how Note Park is able to provide you with a consistent high-quality product all year round.

The cattle bred on Note Park are F1 Brangus, meaning the ‘first cross’ of Brahman cows (a tropical breed, perfectly adapted for the North Queensland climate) and Angus bulls (a British breed which are renowned for their incredibly tender beef). This cross produces cattle that are well suited to the environment, while also retaining superior eating quality.

Note Park continues to provide exciting new products, such as this gluten free chunky steak pie.